Del Golfo Cooperative was founded in 1989 .The main company purpose was to aggregate the flower production of the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese and Mount Vesuvius Area, allowing its fragmentary offer to become a real cohesive force on the Italian and international market. In fact, to this day, the DEL GOLFO supply meets the Italian market needs and competes with the European market.

Currently, the cooperative has about 200 members, whose production takes up a total area of 150 hectares. The products that have made the company one of the most renowned in the international market, are: Standard carnations, Spray carnations, Dianthus barbatus, Ranunculus, Anemones, Statice, Calendula, Panicum Fountain, Setaria italica, Anthirrinium, Viburnum macrophillum , Fatsia japonica, Aspidistra elatior, Pistacia, Dianthus solomio, raffine and star tessino. The Del Golfo products are easily recognisable thanks to the decision to place a mark on the packaging, which defines the safe sourcing and makes the difference from others.

Therefore, Del Golfo doesn't represent only the aggregation of products, but also of people and, above all, experiences. And, if (as they say) unity is strength, this can be considered the greatest asset of a company that has turned the flower growing into a lifestyle. Furthermore, the continuous research of new technologies, both for cultivation and for the products packaging, the successful testing of new varieties and the decision to place "tracked" products on the market, ensure the supply of excellent quality products, according to the company mission.


80% of Del Golfo products are sold on the European markets through direct sales, brokering or Flora Holland auction, the largest flower market in the world.
From the nineties fragmented production, we moved to a real "production planning", based on the market needs. In addition, the contact with the foreign market, especially the Dutch one, imposes higher quality standards. Del Golfo products are followed step by step: from the planting to the harvest, the growers can count on the assistance of expert agronomists; then, at delivery time, the products are subject to a strict quality control according to the Dutch market needs. After delivery and quality control, packaging phase follows, in which the articles are properly selected and placed in water pack. The transport maintains the temperature controlled and allows the products reach their destination within 36 hours.
Members closeness and young people creative minds, combined with the experience of older people, allow this company to represent an example of strength, commitment and professionalism that are now the "modus Vivendi" of this great floricultural company.

Certification and Marks

Moreover, a part of Del Golfo production has a GLOBAL GAP certification, one of the most important certifications in the world.
Through this certification, our growers undertake to produce in compliance with applicable laws and good agricultural practices suggested by the European community. The Global Gap certification guarantees excellence and product quality.

Thanks to years of research, some varieties of DIANTHUS BARBATUS have been selected; these varieties have some special characteristics: the flower size, the spherical form and a long post-harvest life, gave birth to the "ALDO" family, which is now a registered trademark.

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